Malindi Green & Blue started in 2019 as an initiative of few people whose collective objective is to turn Malindi into an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable green and blue destination. Their collaboration provided the basis on which MG&B movement developed its approach and strategy.

Going from strength to strength the initiative evolved into an independent no-profit organization with its own board of directors. The collaboration between the movement, the local community and the Municipality gave birth to the monthly MALINDI CLEAN UP DAY which is considered a national example of success. Through the Malindi Green and Blue programme, Malindi was awarded the prestigious World BIOSPHERA Reserve and a Green City.


Our mission is to create awareness through garbage collection about problems or initiatives to be developed for the well-being of our town or our communities.


Our vision is of a town in which business, nature and people work synergistically together for a sustainable future. To pursue our vision, we organize, support, connect and inspire initiatives aimed at improving the city, protecting the marine and terrestrial reserve, educating and igniting small local businesses for women or youth. We deeply believe that leading by example will influence others to take up the best practices for a sustainable future.