We are malindi

The Progress Welfare Association of Malindi was established by Malindi residents to promote Malindi as a beautiful city, where people live a healthy lifestyle fueled by a clean environment and thriving businesses.

The Malindi that we envision is one that has modern, well-functioning, brightly lit roads, a world class circular refuse management system, a beautiful city with safe walkways, fun recreational facilities and vibrant outdoor activities. We envision a community of highly responsible people who are committed to positive engagement with government and other stakeholders for a prosperous community.


1. Promote a clean environment in Malindi
Through our GREEN & BLUE movement, we are working to ensure that residents have a conducive environment to sustainably prosper in Green and Blue economic activities. The Association is working to engage residents to actively maintain a clean Malindi by holding monthly clean-ups in the town and the beach. The movement also collaborates with the government to establish a modern and sustainable waste management system.
2. Foster responsible active citizenship among Malindi residents
PWAM is engaging residents to work together to positively interact with government and other duty bearers to improve resource allocation and management of public services as well as hold them accountable for existing public projects and activities.
3. Position Malindi as a World Class tourist destination
PWAM is working to establish innovative marketing activities via especially social media to entice tourists to experience its beach, the beautiful natural spaces, great food and hospitable people.

September 5, 2023

PWAM Recognized As A Beacon of Hope & Progress

Yesterday, the Progress Welfare Association of Malindi (PWAM) convened its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Ocean Beach Resort, and it was nothing short of a […]